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Welcome Mr. Anthony M. Haskins, C.Ht

 Pat Moore Foundation is excited to welcome Mr. Anthony M. Haskins, C.Ht. as a clinical component to our treatment team. Anthony facilitates monthly workshops for our clients to help them learn, grow and heal through Neuroplasticity and Guided Imagery. We are looking forward to the energy, knowledge and experience that Anthony brings with him. As the Resource Director of the Dr. Phil show, we are truly honored that he has chosen Pat Moore Foundation as the only facility in Orange County to provide his services to.

Anthony is a practitioner, speaker, workshop conductor and presenter. It is his primary mission to guide individuals or groups of individuals into themselves; to explore the deepest parts of the mind and heart in order to discover a profound sense of purpose and love, to find joy, and to feel personal power through first-hand experience.

In this process, you will become free to achieve your greatest desires and full potential. To be free is to realize a life that is no longer restricted and debilitated by fears and phobias, anxiety and stress, unhealthy relationships, addictions, mental limitations, traumatic memories, pain, sleep deprivation, weight issues, low self-esteem, grief, anger. Anthony will explore with you to find your own inner connection to love, wisdom, hope, healing and understanding in order to override the programmed path of your past, family history and DNA.

Anthony is committed to providing a safe place to be real and explore while guiding his clients into creating more authentic, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Joe Floyd, CEO
Pat Moore Foundation

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