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Traveling with a Methadone Treatment Regimen During the Holidays

Traveling during the holidays can be a stressful time, but also filled with the wonderful anticipation of seeing family and friends at familiar or other exciting locales. Of course it is important to pack and plan accordingly whether staying in the United States or abroad, and for those individuals who are sober for any length of time need to plan just a bit more than others. Especially if that recovering addict is on a methadone treatment regimen, and below are some frequently asked questions.

Question: Can I travel with methadone or do I need to set up access before I arrive at my destination?
Answer: Organizing methadone for overseas travel can be difficult and time consuming, as well as a bureaucratic exercise for sure. The best thing is not to commit financially until you have your methadone in place before hand. Contacting your doctor, insurance company, case manager or what-have-you is a good start to alert them of your plans. They might know of some short cuts and help you with the work.

Question: What do I need to consider before overseas travel with methadone?
Answer: Check to see what countries’ laws are more stringent than others; some are impossible to travel to. For example: if someone is traveling from abroad to the United States it is extremely difficult to travel with methadone. If there are no readily available laws concerning this, you should check the country’s embassy. If you are able to set up a program it is important to know that some countries’ methadone formulation may look and taste different, but the dose will remain the same. If you are able to bring your own methadone you will need to export and import the drug to your country of destination. If it is illegal to import methadone to a country, do not attempt it. There are available methadone treatment programs in many countries.

Although it is not easy, it is possible to take your methadone treatment regimen with you and sometimes your options may be limited, but planning ahead will alleviate any surprises and concerns, helping you stay sober through the holidays with friends and family.