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Synthetix5: The Leading Brand in Synthetic Urine Kits

Synthetix5 synthetic urine is an artificial pee that has been known to help overcome the challenges associated with an urgent urine drug test. A pre-employment test is often required by the Department of Transportation in the US, one of which includes the urine test. This test is often for safety-sensitive positions, and some other employers may however require a drug test. A study showed that 85% of companies surveyed by the Department of Labour for drug tests carried out tests on applicants.

Several users have given positive reviews on its efficacy in the use of Synthetix5 while carrying out a drug test. This article will explain the features, its advantages and disadvantages, how to use it and the reviews associated with it. The ingredients in S5, as well as its complementary products, set it apart in the industry. A common question comes to mind, does Synthetix5 synthetic urine really work? The next sections will explain all you need to know about the product.

Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine

Sythetix5 Synthetic Urine Main Features

Synthetix5 is a synthetic urine premixed and used as a fake pee to represent your natural urine while carrying out a urine test. It is manufactured in a laboratory, but it has a unique property to represent human urine without getting detected.

It is the best choice for urinalysis because it has no synthetic property that is detectable, such as the biocide preservative seen in some other synthetic urine brands. Synthetix5 fake pee comes in a liquid form with a specific gravity similar to that of human urine, which makes it practically untraceable.

Synthetix5 Ingredients

This synthetic urine replicates the appearance and feel of real urine by incorporating components such as creatinine, urea, uric acid, and various other substances commonly present in human urine. It is meticulously designed to maintain the correct balance of pH and specific gravity, ensuring an incredibly authentic and true-to-life experience.

Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine Instruction

To successfully pass a urine test, the following steps are important for its usage:

  1. The product comes with additional products such as Synthetix5 synthetic urine belt kit. It is necessary to properly check out all you need.
  2. An optimal temperature is needed for Synthetix5 to pass a drug test. Heat Synthetix5 urine in a microwave for about 10 seconds at home. When you check the temperature strip, it should show green. If you notice that the colour does not show green, allow it to cool a bit.
  3. To maintain the optimal temperature, shade the heating pad for about 5 seconds, expose the sticky aspect and put it around the bottle avoiding the temperature strip. Cap the bottle to secure it
  4. Keep the Synthetix5 bottle in a concealed manner by either using a urine belt or a fake penis. The temperature can be within the ideal for about 6 hours after heating.
  5. When you get to the testing room while alone, shake the urine bottle and check the temperature to be sure it is within the right range
  6. You can pour the Synthetix5 urine into the collection cup to the appropriate level expected.
  7. Submit your specimen and wait for your drug test result.

Essential Tips and Precautions

  • Do not overheat the synthetic urine. 10 seconds is optimal to get the temperature set to the available level
  • Ensure the temperature strip shows green before going in for the test. If the temperature is not appropriate, there might be an issue that needs to be sorted before using it for the test
  •  Carefully conceal the urine bottle in a way that will pass any check before you get to the testing room
  • You can also urinate into the toilet or pour some synthetic urine into the toilet. This is for facilities that might want to check the toilet for evidence of urine.

Synthetix5 Reviews

There are numerous S5 synthetic urine reviews on the internet. Here are some:

Synthetix5 Pre Employment Drug Test
byu/Zine-Rex intrees

An urgent urine drug test was required for pre-employment assessment, S5 fake pee was used, and the user passed the drug test.

Synthetix5- It Worked!!
byu/jr420 intrees

Users had previous negative reviews about the product but had to eventually use it for a pre-employment assessment, the result came out fine.

Synthetix5 and Labcorp
byu/Maleficent_Dream1374 indrugtesthelp

Urine drug test at Labcorp for pre-employment assessment. The temperature was a challenge for the user but eventually got the job.

Where to buy Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine?

People often ask a valid question about where to purchase S5 synthetic urine near me. Purchasing this product is easy. It can be purchased from the official website at a discounted price of $39.95 instead of $44.95. This can be delivered to you with an additional cost for shipping. Some big retailers like Walmart do not sell the product but you can purchase it from some local smoke shops around you. It is however illegal to purchase this product in some states in the US like Oklahoma, Louisiana, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina, while some other states have moved to ban the sale and use of it.

Pros and Cons


  • S5 synthetic urine has the same colour as human urine
  • It contains substances such as creatinine, and urea in normal levels as in normal urine
  • It can prevent your medical information from being revealed in urine
  • It has a high accuracy rate to beat most standard urine drug tests
  • Synthetix5 does not contain biocide like other products, which makes it undetectable for synthetic preservatives while carrying out a urine drug test


  • For observed tests, it might be difficult to sneak in.
  • Using synthetic urine for drug tests might be illegal in some jurisdictions and might have penalties if caught

Additional Products That Can be Used with Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine

Some additional products can be used alongside synthetic urine. These products include:

  • Heating pads: This will help maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine before the test is carried out
  • Synthetic urine belt: A synthetic urine belt will help to discreetly carry the synthetic urine as well as pass through routine checks without getting caught with the product
  • Fake penis: A prosthetic penis such as Whizzinator can be used to carry out the drug test. This is often required when the testing room requires the presence of an official.

It is important to make use of a fake urine kit at home before going for the drug test. The process can be complex, especially for those new to the use of synthetic urine. You should train about 3-5 times at home before actually using it for the drug test. This will help you gain confidence in the process as well as help you work with time without making it suspicious that you are up to something.

Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine vs UPass

Here are some similarities and differences between Synthetix5 synthetic urine and UPass based on different factors:

Factors Synthetix5 UPass
Feature Synthetix5 has the same colour and smell as human urine UPass also has the same colour and smell as human urine
Ingredients It contains creatinine, urea and uric acid It contains uric acid, creatinine, urea, and biocide preservatives
Form Liquid form Liquid form
Temperature control The temperature can be kept within the ideal by heating and a heating pad is placed around the bottle exposing the temperature strip. The temperature can be maintained for 6 hours after heating. Heating helps to keep the bottle at the ideal temperature. A rubber band is used to attach a hand warmer to the bottle, this will be held in place and maintain the temperature for 6 hours.
Effectiveness 4/5 3/5
Price 3oz bottle at $39.39 3oz bottle at $29.95
Ease of Use 3/5 4.5/5


Here are some frequently asked questions about Synthetix5 as well as some relevant answers.

Can Synthetix5 Be Detected When Used?

If you carefully follow the steps required to keep Synthetix5 at the right temperature, it is unlikely that it will be detected as it has practically everything normal in human urine with no trace of synthetic material

Can Synthetix5 Be Reheated?

Yes! An unused product can be reheated before use.

What is the Right Temperature for Synthetix5?

The aim of the synthetic urine temperature is for it to be as close as possible to your body temperature. The ideal temperature is between 94- and 100 degrees Fahrenheit

How Do You Read a Synthetix5 Temperature Strip?

The colour of the Synthetix5 temperature strip gives you a good idea of what is ideal. Green colour is ideal and should be watched out for.

Can I Heat Synthetix5 without a Microwave?

Yes, you can attach the hand warmer to the bottle. Make sure to check the temperature strip before use.

Do I Need to Add Anything to Synthetix5 Urine?

You do not need to add any other thing to the product.


The information provided on Synthetix5 was well-researched to give an ideal representation of the product. It has an excellent chance of providing the success required when used for a urine drug test. Synthetix5 fetish abilities lie in components necessary to pass the test with no additional synthetic components like preservatives that can be easily detected while carrying out the test.

Temperature check is an important quality that must be watched out for while using synthetic urine. The Synthetix5 urine temperature strip makes it easy to detect the temperature changes associated with the urine. When heated, a heating pad can be used to keep the temperature ideal until the drug test is carried out.

Most reviews about this product had a success rate. Different products can serve as synthetic urine, Synthetix5 is however one with a great standing and can help you pass that urine drug test excellently.


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