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Suboxone Detox and Treatment for Opioid Dependence

At Pat Moore Foundation we offer Suboxone Detox and Treatment for people with an opioid dependence. Typically, most people are incapable of walking away from an opioid addiction, and they need a medically managed detox via a Suboxone Detox and Treatment. Quitting ‘cold’ has a variance success rate due to severe withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone Detox and Treatment also helps curb cravings which might lead to a full on relapse.

A medically managed detox treatment for an opioid dependence at Pat Moore Foundation can include the use of Suboxone, which in addition to education, counseling and other support treatments helps the recovering addict focus on various aspects of opioid addiction. Regaining a ‘normal’ life, which is free from cravings and withdrawals, is paramount to long-term success. Following a Suboxone Detox and Treatment is not the same as substituting one addictive drug for another.

Suboxone was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002 to use in the treatment of an opioid dependence. Suboxone suppresses withdrawal symptoms and cravings and does NOT allow euphoria, as it blocks the effects of opioids for at least twenty-four hours. What’s more is that Suboxone treatment doesn’t require the patient to participate in a federal program through a clinic. The potential for abuse of Suboxone is low to non-existent because the user will not experience the euphoria if abused.

Suboxone consists of two medications, which are combined. A partial opioid agonist called buprenorphine and an opioid antagonist or blocker called naloxone. A partial opioid agonist is an opioid that causes less of an effect than a full opioid in the brain. Examples of full opioid agonists are, Oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, heroin and methadone. An opioid agonist/blocker like naloxone is NOT absorbed into the bloodstream when taken correctly; dissolving under the tongue. If the user decides to crush, and then snort or inject the medication the component will travel to the brain and block out any opioids there, which will trigger withdrawals. This is why naloxone has been added, to discourage.

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