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From Stress to Relapse to Drug Detox

Of course there are many factors which can lead to relapse and hopefully back to a drug detox for help. Through the course of our life, we each experience stress from some event. No one lives a stress free life, however it’s how we cope is the difference between a happy, healthy sober life and a life of stress, anxiety, relapses, and continued drug detox treatments. Key stress factors could be: financial concerns, family dramas and crises, death, and work problems.

Stress and Addictions

Not understanding, or realizing trigger points can create additional stress on a recovery addict. We sometimes find ourselves acting out in other ways; anger, sex, smoking cigarettes, or something else. We tend to not see it for what it is at first. We don’t see that it’s movement in the direction of relapse. Many people, not just addicts tend to lean toward nicotine, alcohol or some other drug, like marijuana, to help them relax, especially during a time of high stress, like a long day tiresome day at the office, or the death of a loved one. If there is a constant source of upset, like a bad work environment, then a non-addict might fall into a habit of going out of drink on a more than regular basis. They might only intend to have ‘just one,’ but the continued use, or abuse, can lead to a dependency.

For a recovering addict, the moment of relapse is always there. We might gamble suddenly, find food a bit more of a comfort, sexual relations we might not have considered before, working out excessively, or even blowing off steam unexpectedly to those around us – mostly to those who don’t deserve it. We need to stay vigilant in our recovery.

If you feel stress building, be okay with it. Admit it! And then do something about it. Here are some great tips on how to relieve stress besides doing something drastic like quitting your job.

  • Play Music, and Dance, Sing, Cook, or even Clean Your House
  • Watch Aquarium Fish
  • Take a Walk With A Friend, and/or your Dog
  • Cut Down On Some of Your Commitments
  • Try Breathing Exercises and Try Focused Meditation, Pray or even Take a Nap
  • Take a Mini-Vacation
  • Learn to Say No To Demands on Your Time

Try any of these. They will surely pull your attention away from the problem at hand, at least for some time. Remember, when you stop thinking about your problem in a healthy way, you most often find the best solution, or at least the road to take to get there.