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Stop and Pause: Questions to Consider for a Rehab Treatment Center

An alcoholic can be anyone, but not many people understand that. Typically the view of an alcoholic is someone who lost their job, become homeless and by all intents and purposes someone who is just not functioning in today’s mainstream society. Wouldn’t it be great if we could spot someone like that, tag them, and have it all figured out. It would make life easy, right? That way, we could truly identify someone who needs a recovery treatment center for help.

Well, it doesn’t work that way because everyone is different. Every alcoholic is different, and there are varying degrees of alcoholism. Most of those degrees depend on how deep their denial actually goes. Some go as far as the homeless panhandler on the street while others see the writing on the wall while they still have a job, a home, and their relationship.

In a lot of cases though, as addiction is kicking in, most alcoholics don’t think they have a drinking problem, let alone need a rehab treatment center. Oddly enough, those usually the people who need the most help.

Typically if you or a friend drink first thing in the morning or even if you’ve missed out on work or some event due to a hangover, there might be some cause for concern. Of course if this has just happened once it’s probably not a reason to be worried, but really look at the reasons you’ve missed work at other times. Was drinking involved in any way the day or two before?

As a drinker, do you find it difficult to stop after one or two drinks and possibly even drink a minimum of five each time you drink in public or are you even drinking alone? Having a couple drinks to unwind after an incredibly stressful day is not really the issue, but the frequency is something to consider.

If you were to look at your social circle would you consider any of them heavy drinkers, or are they the ones who nag you about how much you drink? This is an important one because if you have been talked to about your drinking you might have even stopped hanging out with these people, or you might even be hiding it.

It’s time to get honest. If you’re experiencing any thoughts regarding the possibility of your needing a rehab treatment center, then you probably should go instead of wasting time fighting the inevitable. You might do something good for yourself! Check out our alcohol detox page for more information.