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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Entering a Rehab Treatment Center

If you’re unsure of what a drug rehab treatment center is all about, well it shouldn’t be a reason to stay away. Sometimes the unknown is scary, but all you need to do is ask questions. Here are a few questions and answers I’ve pulled together:

  1. In general, what is a recovery treatment center like?
    • Most, nearly all actually, are staffed twenty-four hours a day by caring and compassionate professionals. Usually it is not combative therapy but more a period of self discovery. There are group therapy meetings, one-on-one counseling, personal development workshops all mixed with twelve-step type meetings.
  2. What are the living arrangements like?
    • Well, all rehab facilities are a bit different, so in most cases the accommodations are clean and comfortable, and sometimes there are two people per room.
  3. Are there medications to help deal with withdrawals from drug and alcohol?
    • Medications, if needed are prescribed by a private physician and dispensed and monitored by the staff of the recovery treatment center.
  4. How long is a treatment program?
    • Usually an inpatient program can last from two weeks to one month; however, there are other types of programs that can last longer.
  5. What should I bring upon entering?
    • Enough clothes and personal items to last the length of the stay that was decided upon.
  6. Can I have visitors or family?
    • Of course, any rehab treatment center has scheduled visitation hours. Family members and significant others are encouraged to participate in family care type programs at the center or elsewhere.

There are probably a number of other questions and a number of answers to go with them. Do some research online, or call each rehab treatment center to find the information you need.

It will be one of the best things you’ve done in a while.