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A Sober World – Working in Addiction Treatment

Well, it’s certainly been a while that I, Recovery Rob, just sat and wrote something about what’s happening in my world of addiction treatment and recovery. So, here I am. For those of you who follow my blogs or my Tweets either at RecoveryRob1 or PMFTreatment on Twitter you already know I have more than 19 years of sobriety under my belt, and I’ve worked in the field of recovery in one way shape and form since before I made the choice to get sober. For those who are here the first time, well, now you know that part of my history.

Working in a Sober World

Last week, after an AA meeting I was hanging out and talking with some other sober people. As much as AA is supposedly anonymous, and for the most part it is, you do tend to get to know people and someone asked me what I do. I didn’t know him, so I told him I work in the sober world. He stared, blinked, and tilted his head to the left. “What’s that mean?” he asked.

I said, “I work for a detox and rehabilitation facility in Orange County. I mainly work in Community Outreach as well as their online marketing,” or something like that.

“So, you work there throughout the day and then come to meetings too?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered, as there really wasn’t an answer other than the truth there.

“Don’t you think you’ll ever burn out?” The question was a good one, honest and direct.

“No. Not really. Sure, there are good days and bad days, just like there are good and bad days anywhere else in the working world. But for the most part, I am working to help other people in recovery; a sort of giving back. When I come to meetings it’s when I get to be selfish in a good way. I get to think about me and take care of me. It makes it easier to leave other peoples’ situations ‘at the office.’

I have to say I am pretty lucky. I get to reach out to the other people in the recovery community, focusing on latest drug trends and treatments. Sure, some of what happens today surprises me, but for the most part its people working through addiction issues and reaching out for help. The most I can do from where I stand is to share my experience, strength and hope whenever I can.