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Residential Treatment in Orange County

Residential Treatment can be best described as sober living and treatment with social modality. What does that mean?

Primarily, Residential Treatment is appropriate for people who go to work or school during the day, or cannot attend an Intensive Inpatient Program (IIP) on Pat Moore Foundation’s campus. In some cases patients who have successfully completed IIP will then attend Residential Treatment. Patients live in a sober living home, mostly owned by Pat Moore Foundation in the Santa Ana, California area, and are transported back and forth by a van to Pat Moore Foundation’s campus. Their standard alcohol and other drug programs are integrated daily with a proven modality of treatment that works and is affordable.

Each patient will receive approximately twenty hours per week of alcohol and other drug treatment, which makes this limited services experience not as intense as an inpatient program. However, this is a highly successful program for this group of addicted people.

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