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Prescription Drug Detox | Steps to Help

Prescription drug abuse has been steadily rising over the years, and you can barely turn on the television, open a newspaper or magazine, or even go to a news website without seeing one celebrity or the other being arrested, jailed, or even have died due to an overdose. But what is it that keeps people, celebrities or not, from searching out a prescription drug detox for the help they need? The question is a common one. Unfortunately the answers are not so common.

Here are some steps you can do at home to help you or a loved one avoid a prescription drug abuse problem.

  • Be sure that only you have access to your prescription drugs. If they are left in the open it could lead to temptation. Never take a prescription drug that is not intended for you and you only.
  • Count your prescription pills. Keep an accurate inventory and follow the directions on the bottle. By doing this you will know if someone else is stealing your medication, but you will also know if you are over-medicating. Never increase or decrease the dose of your medication without checking with your doctor first.
  • Ask your physician to help monitor your medications, adjusting their levels when necessary.  
  • Stay informed. Ask your doctors, pharmacists and other knowledgeable parties questions about the medications you are prescribed. What are the addictive qualities, the side effects, etc?
  • Unused prescription drugs should be returned to the pharmacist. Also, unless the label instructs differently, those drugs can be disposed in the trash.

Although following these steps will help you avoid dependence and/or addiction issues with prescription drugs, it is not a 100% guaranteed method. Being diligent helps. If you still find yourself having trouble, ask your physician for help, or contact a prescription drug detox center for help.