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Prescription Drug Detox | Scaling Down

So, now you’ve tried to maintain an inventory, you’ve done the best you could to keep from using too much, but you’ve still found yourself with an addiction to prescription drugs. Did you know that long term use of prescription drugs, like pain-killers, can lead to death? Your body can build a ‘tolerance’ to the medication and you find you’re using more just to cope. What you’re doing though is building up more of the pain-killer in your system. So much so that if you try to quit you’ll have painful withdrawal symptoms. You’ll most likely need a prescription drug detox.

More time than not, prescription drugs are prescribed to help alleviate pain for an injury, after a surgical operation, or even for someone who has a chronic condition or disease which is accompanied by a lot of pain. A physician will usually prescribe a higher dose at the beginning of the recovery process and as time moves forward the medication is lower and sometimes removed altogether. Long recovery times can sometimes lead to an addiction though.

When this happens, and it does, finding the right prescription drug detox clinic that is available to help you withdraw physically and emotionally during the earlier stage of detox is very important. These counselors and clinicians are trained to help you through the program. Sometimes the side effects can be dangerous. Once that process is over, more work needs to be done.