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Prescription Drug Detox | A Parting Gift of Paraphernalia

On the list of dangerous behaviors that might or will lead to relapse and possibly even another residence in a prescription drug detox is keeping alcohol, drugs, and other paraphernalia around the house for any reason at all. A large number of addicts still have friends, family and work associates we haven’t yet alienated…completely. When we head off to a prescription drug detox, go through rehabilitation, and then out into the ‘real’ world we sometimes feel it is important to have alcohol and other drugs around. Who knows, a friend might come over and you still want to at least allow them to have a good time, right?


When you are newly sober, and maybe even many years sober, it can be quite difficult to have prescription drugs and alcohol around your house. Our advice is to throw everything out when you get home, or better yet, have a family member or a trusted friend go to your house and dispose of your paraphernalia, drugs, and alcohol. It’s just best to do this. Why bother with temptation when you don’t need it.

After a while, when you feel you’re a bit more secure with your sobriety, then there will be times alcohol will be around your house. Our own Recovery Rob has more than 18 years sobriety, and he still barely keeps any alcohol around after a dinner gathering. He says that sometimes people bring wine to drink, and the bottle never gets opened. He then either re-gifts it, or gives it as a parting gift!