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Prescription Drug Detox | Holiday Considerations

As we approach one of the biggest holidays of the year, there is a wonderful feeling in the air. One of joy and love for our fellow man. Good tidings we bring, etc… Most of us don’t think of a prescription drug detox over the holidays unless we are in the throes of an active addiction. We want something better, be at the same time not sure we can change our lives for the best. If you addicted to alcohol or other drugs like prescription drugs, it is nearly impossible to quit on your own. The withdrawals will be painful. Find a caring prescription drug detox facility is essential.

For those of who are struggling with an active addiction, or even for those who are sober, here is a list of great quotes from 12 Step programs. Enjoy.

  • “I am one drink away from never being sober again for the rest of my life.”
  • “When I live in the past, I live in regret. When I live in the future, I live in fear. When I stay in the NOW, everything’s always okay.”
  • “Having a resentment is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.”
  • “Courage is fear in action.”
  • “Self will imprisoned me far more than bars ever did.”