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Planning your Approach | Squashing Denial on the Way to a Rehab Treatment Center

Denial is the biggest culprit to keep any addict from entering a rehab treatment center and for family members and friends, accepting excuses and enabling the addict is a huge hindrance. Knowing what steps you can take to show an addict that a trip to a recovery treatment center might just be the best thing to happen to them isn’t all that difficult. In most cases it just depends on you changing your behaviors to let them see theirs.
     However you go about it though, make sure you have some sort of plan in place. That way you can see results and know you aren’t missing anything. A good plan to get a loved one into a rehab treatment center goes something like this:
          • Don’t attempt any conversation about entering a recovery treatment center when the addict is drunk. The best time, usually, is after the episode – morning or afternoon – but before they start drinking again.
          • Decide on a location and how to get the person there.
          • How long should the talk go? Well, talking for more than 1 hour can lead to a lot of frustration, which might result in doing less than you intended.
          • Invite who you think would be a good influence on the addict. Include others who have been affected and care about the addict entering a recovery treatment center.

          • If a formal intervention is part of your plan, it might be best to ask an intervention specialist to attend. One can be found at your area rehab treatment center.

          • Beforehand, cover what is to be discussed; what affects the addicts drinking has had on you is a good start, but be specific. Like, “When you (specific behavior), I feel (your feeling).” It’s important to let them know you cannot continue the relationship unless he or she enters a recovery treatment center. Statements like, “I will…” or “I will no longer…” are powerful, so you might want to practice saying them a few times before. 
          • And finally, make arrangements beforehand on where you plan to take your loved one. 
     Stay strong, stay consistent and with the grace of God it will work the first time. If not, keep trying!