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Pat Moore Foundation Offers Special Pricing for Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox Over the Holidays

The stressful period from Thanksgiving to New Years can lead those who suffer addiction into relapse, increased substance abuse and risky behaviors. Taking some precautions during this time of year can make celebrating with friends and family safer for those trying to steer clear of temptations.

One way of making it easier on a person with substance abuse problems is making sure there are plenty of alternatives other than alcohol to drink. Having plenty of festive non-alcoholic drinks such as sparkling water and fruit juices to cheer the holidays with will make it easier to say no to the beverages served with alcohol in them.

Another way to avoid using at a party or celebration is to eat sweets. Sugar helps to satisfy the same part of the brain that craves drugs and alcohol. Although weight gain may be an issue for some, the consequences of a relapse or overdose are far worse.

Finally, avoiding old triggers is a big part of the solution. Taking some simple steps to avoid falling back into substance abuse is crucial for addicts trying to stay sober. These can include getting plenty of rest, exercising regularly, staying out of dangerous situations, and relying on the support of family, friends and others in sobriety to get through stressful situations.

Pat Moore Foundation is also ready this season to lend additional help to addicts and their families by offering a special ‘holiday alcohol detox’ daily rate of $400.00 dollars. The foundation provides a safe and effective medically supervised alcohol detox program for those substance abusers who need the professional support of a rehab facility during the holiday season.