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Part 3 | The Goals of a Prescription Drug Rehab

Continued from Part 2.


At the end of last week we started a short series on The Goals of a Prescription Drug Detox. The first of those goals is Physical Healing, which is mainly about working to contain or even eliminate drug withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, clients will come to us because they used methadone to help tamper these painful withdrawal symptoms. They come to us because they are now having trouble coming clean and need a methadone detox. The second goal is Psychological Wellbeing, which is primarily about focusing on the balance of what works best for you to deal with possible trauma situations that may have led you to use drugs. Treatments such as 12-step programs, individual therapy, or even group therapy are most common.

The third goal of a prescription drug detox is Peer Support. Peer Support is one of the most important components of any recovery program. Whether you are experiencing a methadone detox, an alcohol addiction, or some other addiction, peer support is where the addict moves from fighting their addiction on their own to teaming up as a group. At Pat Moore Foundation, our clients will meet other addicts just like themselves. Although there are many fears in recovery, one of the largest is relapse. It is common, isolating and for many crippling. This is why building a peer support group is vital to recovery. Not only can you support someone who needs help, others can help you when you need it – hopefully before you relapse.

By helping others, clients learn to take their mind off their own problems for a while, and then realize that what they are going through does not have to immobilize them. By watching and supporting those around them, they also come to realize that you ‘don’t need to use over this crisis.’ In addition to being there during the tough times, peer support is also there during milestones like the first thirty days, the first year of sobriety, going out to sober dances, movies, dinner, and the list goes on. There’s no need to go it alone.