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Our Recovery Commitment

What is Our Commitment to Recovery?

Some of the most common questions we’re asked are “How do I know it’s going to work?” and “What kind of commitment do I get?”

We always explain that there is no guarantee that treatment will be successful. Each individual’s road to recovery and sobriety is unique. It is a personal journey.

At Pat Moore Foundation, we believe so strongly in our treatment program and know from experience that it works, that we have a unique “Recovery Commitment”: If a person fully commits to 90 days of residential treatment, paid up front (excluding insurance and payment plans), and has a relapse within 12 months from the day of leaving Pat Moore Foundation, she or he can return for 21 days of treatment at no additional cost.* No questions asked.


Our Recovery Commitment – The Details

We know that sometimes relapse is a part of recovery. It doesn’t have to be! However should it happen, we want to be here for you. Our goal is that you are successful in your recovery. That’s why we stand behind our treatment programs. We’re committed to you and your family.

* Please Note: Transportation and any detox fees are not included. Your free 21 days of treatment must initiate within 12 months from the day you leave having completed the initial 90-day treatment program at Pat Moore Foundation. You must complete all 90 days of treatment at Pat Moore Foundation to be eligible for our Recovery Commitment. 


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