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Holistic Treatment Program

As part of its integrated approach to treatment and recovery, Pat Moore Foundation now offers holistic and alternative approaches to healing. In concert with Harmony Heals, we support our patients with trauma and PTSD treatment, EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Neurofeedback & Brain Imaging (qEEG), clinical hypotherapy, acupuncture and holistic chiropractic therapy.

Pat Moore Foundation brings a traditional approach to treatment while Harmony Heals roots itself in Eastern and Holistic approaches to recovery. Together we borrow the best of these treatment methods, integrating them into an unsurpassed program. Our extensive knowledge and experience within the industry allows Pat Moore Foundation the unique opportunity to combine our nationally-recognized traditional treatment plans with evidence-based holistic medicine. Through this we offer a detoxification and rehabilitation program designed specifically for you.

Harmony Heals, a holistic center for therapy, recovery, and healing is located in Laguna Hills, California. At Harmony Heals, we believe that you cannot heal the mind if you do not also heal the body and spirit. We at Pat Moore Foundation have begun integrating multi-disciplinary techniques, therapies, and modalities in order to facilitate healing, and this is why we are working closely with Harmony Heals.

Lasting recovery requires a long-term promise, and Pat Moore Foundation invests in our residents by working with them and their families through some of the most challenging and exciting stages of their new life.