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Men and Addiction Recovery

Substance abuse is quite common here in America with many men and women turning to alcohol and drugs as ways to cope with stress and emotional issues. When comparing men to women in addiction, there are various differences between the two sexes regarding usage and recovery.


Men are more likely to suffer from substance addiction. In fact, over two thirds of the people who attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are men. Men are twice as more likely to develop a substance dependence problem in comparison to women. To be precise, men have a 36 percent lifetime prevalence compared to women’s 18 percent. Regarding age groups, men falling in the age bracket of 25 to 34 years are more likely to suffer from drug dependence than those in the 45 to 55 year age bracket.

Suicidal tendencies.

Statistics show that more men have suicidal thoughts than women. Men also tend to carry through with suicidal thoughts more often than women.

Relationship status.

Marriage appears to shield men from addiction issues somewhat, as many single males are much more inclined to abuse alcohol and drugs.

Addiction treatment

Men prefer an individual approach to treatment.

Addiction treatment for men places more emphasis on the individual approach. Addicts experience challenges and pressures that are unique to their life and substance experiences. In particular, societal expectations on males, as well as pressure from close family and friends, tend to act as inhibitory barriers to successful recovery for men.

Past sexual abuse.

More than three quarters of men who are addicted to drugs have been sexually exploited or abused in their lives. The memories from such incidents normally act as a stumbling block in the psychological recovery process.

Social supports.

Men are less likely to form social supports during recovery when compared to women. It may be that men tend to be less social or simply do not believe they need the accountability.

Men with addiction problems should take the following factors into consideration before commencing the treatment:

  • Duration – Can the patient’s needs be met by a thirty day program or does he need sixty or ninety days?
  • Location – Is the rehab center near the patient’s home? Is it accessible by close friends and relatives for emotional support? Can the addict have the benefit of distance away from a destructive home atmosphere?
  • Community – Since men have a higher risk for relapse, will the recovery program provide the support of a sponsor? This will help in reducing the chances of relapsing by offering post recovery care. This is an essential part of the overall recovery process.

If you are suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, do not be afraid to seek help from a recovery center. There is help available for all age brackets, from teenagers all the way to senior members. Make a decision today to get free from addiction and begin creating a life that you will love.



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