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Medical Detox | Gratitude of the Day

There are a lot of wonderful parts for being sober. It’s not just a one dimensional view of the world like some would want you to believe. I don’t like saying that one part is better than the other, at least in my experience of 18 years, I still find tons of ‘parts’ to be grateful for daily. Although I never experienced a methadone detox, and for that I count my lucky stars, my path to sobriety, my denial was strong, but my surrender was sweet.

Probably the most grateful I am each day is at the beginning of each day. I am grateful for waking up without hang over or the feeling of desperation on where to get my next fix. Near the end of my using, it felt like this search, mission, and drive was focused on getting high, or when I could get high or drunk next. How many days until the weekend? Who cares! I’ll just drink more coffee at work and take a nap at lunch.

Another wonderful part of sobriety is reaching out to others or when people reach out to you. Recently at Pat Moore Foundation we’ve been turning some or our attention into community outreach. A community of bloggers, that is. The response has been wonderful, and we are always thrilled when someone shows the gratitude in their own website blog! Just check out Oscar’s latest posting on his site Life Without Beer Goggles. We came across his site, like what we read (great sober work) and he responded in kind.

For me, Recovery Rob, specifically, I’ll tell you that I love this sort of work. I love blogging about recovery, telling parts of my story, and allowing some memories to come back. Sometimes I surprise myself with what I’d forgotten. No, not blacked out, just forgotten with age.

We’re looking forward to reading more from Oscar!