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Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Orange County

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is reserved for those patients who live near Pat Moore Foundation’s campus and can commute. The Intensive Outpatient Treatment program consists of individual and group counseling similar to our Primary Residential Treatment at reduced hours. Included are cognitive, multidimensional, and motivational type therapies.

  • Cognitive Therapy: Seeks to help patients recognize, avoid, and cope with the situations in which they are most likely to abuse alcohol and other drugs.
  • Multidimensional Family Therapy: Seeks to addresses a range of influences on the patients’ alcohol and other drug abuse patterns and is designed to improve overall family functioning.
  • Motivational Interviewing: Seeks to capitalize on the readiness of individuals to change their behavior and enter treatment.
  • Motivational Incentives: Seeks to use positive reinforcement to encourage abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.

An Intensive Outpatient Treatment program, although not as intensive as Primary Residential, is a highly successful program and is primarily used by patients who are still functioning in their personal and professional lives. Please call at us (888) 426-6086 to arrange a private anonymous consultation or fill out our online form.