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The Importance of Intervention | From a Professor, Addiction Author and Recovering Alcoholic

We have noticed that some of the most well received guest posts are written by parents of Addicts giving advice on how they manage their (emphasis on their) lives on a daily basis. It’s become pretty obvious to us that so many of you were looking for exactly this kind of information straight from other parents mouths that are out there on the battlefield with you.

We at Pat Moore Foundation would like to introduce you to James Brown. James is the author of The Los Angeles Diaries and This River, both memoirs written by a recovering Alcoholic. James also reguarly contributes on Intervene, a community of concerned parents communicating about their children’s drug use.

What struck out to us about James is his stripped down honesty. Which is very evident in this video. James has an incredible story. Besides his own addiction he has also dealt with his brother, sister and son’s substance abuse problems. We’ve been lucky enough to convince James to guest blog on Pat Moore Foundation in the near future. Please enjoy the video and comment below with any questions that you would like James to address in his upcoming post.