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How to Prepare for Rehab

You’ve made the choice, you’re ready to change your life, and you’re committed to going to inpatient rehab. Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare as you pause from your life to get medical and psychological support for your alcohol or drug addiction.

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Knowing that your financial affairs are in order will help you focus on what’s important.

If you are able to pay bills:

Put bills on autopay. This is an easy step to avoid worrying about bill payment while you are recovering or detoxing. Call your gas, phone, credit card, electric, car, and other monthly bills to create an autopay out of your checking account. Many of these have options to do this step online
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If you are out of money:

Call your credit card company or bills and request short-term leniency for extenuating circumstance.

Ask for help:
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If contacting companies about your bills is too consuming, request help from trusted friend or family member to make these important calls or online changes for you.

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If your children still live at home, coordinating care for them is of critical importance.

Communicate with family members:

Ask trusted friends or family for help. Communicate with them about what you are doing and why. Let them know how long your inpatient treatment will be. Let them know that this will help you be the parent you want to be, but you may need their help and support as you make the journey towards health.

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Be prepared to have your house cared for while you are gone, or a safe place to return to when you finish inpatient treatment.
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If you are staying in your home:

Let roommate or family members know what is happening and let them know if you will be paying a rent or mortgage while you are gone. If so, let them know what to expect.

If you are moving out of your home:

Oftentimes being able to stay sober means leaving a living situation we are in. If your current living situation is unhealthy with drinking and using, ask friends or family for a safe place to stay upon your return. Let your loved ones know why their help is so important.

What to Pack
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Keep it nice and simple as you ready yourself for
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Think comfortable, happy, and healthy:

Bring comfortable clothing, toiletries, literature, a journal, fitness clothing, and items you may want for group outings (sunglasses, etc.).

If all this feels overwhelming, know that there is help! Call the
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staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for guidance and support.

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