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Guest Blogging: Connecting Our Communities!

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Sarit Rogers at VisionsTeen began following me on Twitter, or was it Pat Moore Foundation first? I’m not sure but it doesn’t matter. We’ve connected and we are thrilled to connect our communities.

Personally, helping at-risk youth is a passion of mine since I was in college – that’s a lot of years ago. Whether it was addiction and mental health issues or violence prevention and drug prevention, I’ve always felt a draw to this younger community. So, it seemed to make sense for me to reach back to Sarit and see if there was also an interest. And thankfully there is.

Sarit recently posted a blog on our website – Obscure Thoughts of Suicide are Still Thoughts of Suicide and we love it. After you’ve taken a peek at Sarit’s wonderful blog, take a peek at mine, Dual Diagonis and Teens: What to Know over on

As always, thanks for reading and being part of our growing community.