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Groups: Men

Men’s Alcohol and Drug Detoxification

The social model nature of our men’s alcohol and drug treatment program emphasizes learning through “doing” and “experiencing” while providing positive role models.

Our gender specific men’s drug and alcohol rehab program begins with an individualized treatment plan tailored to the resident’s needs. This plan is based on information that is collected during an initial assessment interview. The information will include his history with drugs and alcohol, any prior attempts at recovery, his medical history, any psychological concerns, possible legal situations and his family history.

When the treatment plan is in place, the core elements of recovery-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual can be addressed through individual counseling, process groups, peer groups, relapse prevention groups, lectures, in-house 12-step meetings and outside 12-step meetings. In addition, he will participate in living skills (cleaning, light campus work, etc.) daily to develop a sense of humility, personal responsibility and social accountability, all tools required to function in a sober, responsible manner after he leaves treatment.

In order to break away from the daily routine of treatment and to promote good health, we offer supervised physical activities such as aerobics and weight lifting. There is also time set aside on weekends for an outing that may range from a movie to a swim in the ocean, letter writing, visitors or just relaxation.

Every member of our staff understands the addiction recovery process from a unique perspective that only another addict or alcoholic can. The goal of each of these highly skilled professionals is to provide every addict or alcoholic the necessary tools and skills he or she will need to return to the mainstream of life a happy and productive individual.

Men’s Schedule:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:00 Wake Up Wake up Wake up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up
7:15 Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation
7:30 Chores Chores Chores Chores Chores Chores Chores
8:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9:00 Process Group

12 Step Track


Therapy Group Process Group

12 Step Track


Outside AA Meeting Church (Optional)
10:30 Assignments Lunch Educational Group Relapse Prevention Educational Group



11:30 Outside AA Meeting Lunch Lunch Lunch Outside AA Meeting Lunch Lunch and Free Time
12:30 In House NA In House CA In House AA Deep Clean
1:30 Physical Activity Step Study Physical Activity Step Study Physical Activity Visiting or Pass
2:30 Step Study
Life Skills Medical Lecture Life Skills Big Book Study Outing with Staff, Store Run, then Activity
4:00 Relationships Assignments & 1-on-1s Assignments & 1-on-1s Assignments & 1-on-1s Medical Lecture
5:30 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
7:00 Alumni Meeting Outside Meeting Family Night Outside Meeting

12 Step Meeting


Outisde Meeting Outside Meeting
9:30 Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time
11:00 Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out

Pat Moore Foundation’s drug & alcohol detox and alcohol & drug addiction treatment programs are licensed and certified by The State of California. We provide non-medical and medically managed detoxification (using Suboxone, Subutex, and Buprenorphine when appropriate) and primary residential treatment. Our individual homes are on a unique co-ed campus where we offer gender specific treatment. We are located in Costa Mesa, in Orange County, Southern California, close to Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, and only an hour’s drive from Los Angeles and San Diego. To speak with a counselor, please call us 24-hours at (888) 292-4049 or if you’d like us to contact you, send a confidential message online by filling out our online form.

Note: All medical services are administered by medical professionals, which are facilitated and operated solely under the jurisdiction of a separate medical corporation.