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Drug Detox | Why is this Happening to Me?

I’d arrived at the drug detox and alcohol treatment center with my girlfriend. A very beautiful place in the mountains of Colorado. There was a main lodge where the groups, offices and cafeteria were at. There were small cabins where we stayed and often elk would be seen on the grounds around the facility. I was again dazed and confused about my condition and was off the drugs for maybe 24 hours at this point.

I did my intake and began the same process I went through at my last facility, morning meditation/groups etc. The food was excellent and the staff was very supportive and caring, and after a few days of rest and food I began to feel better physically but mentally I was also worried about what was going on with me, like ‘why was this happening to me?’

This was a co-ed facility so I was easily distracted and unconsciously looking for things to focus on besides all the stuff going on in my head. As I think back about this time in treatment (10 years ago), I was very confused but did what was requested while in treatment. I got along with my roommate very well and we had many discussions about our lives and what got us to where we were at. As with most people in treatment, I was feeling much better physically and mentally. I was hopeful about staying clean this time. My family did not participate in the family groups this time, but my girlfriend came for a couple of the family groups.

And before I knew it, my 30 days was coming up and it was time to start working on an exit plan. I had no idea what I would do when I got back into the real world, but I was about to find out.

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