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Drug Detox | An Intervention Support System

I think that we all have a breaking point with addiction. When I was using the was a moment of clarity that if I didn’t turn my addiction around, face it head on, then I’d spiral down and lose everything I’ve worked for over the years. I was lucky, I was able to see that fork in the road and I was not above going off to an alcohol and drug detox and rehab if I had to. My story is that I was able to attend an outpatient treatment program. For the most part, I got what I needed there.

With people who have active addicts in their family or circle of friends, there are all sorts of breaking points. We may declare ‘never again’ and then find ourselves racing the phone, the door, the hospital, the police department to help the addict through another mess. What we don’t realize is that it is not what’s best for the addict, and it is certainly not best for us. Addiction is a family disease and people tend to forget that. It’s difficult to figure out where to draw the line; when to say no, and to stick with that decision.

When an intervention takes place, and this is not an intervention in its entirety, the addict comes face to face with loved ones who then reach out in a ‘last ditch’ effort to bring that person around to the consequences of their addiction, hopefully the end result being an admittance to an alcohol and drug detox and rehab like Pat Moore Foundation. Many find the support from one another to stand up and be strong – strength in numbers.

The real news on interventions is that that are not always 100% successful. Sometimes the addict feel cornered, attacked, and will lash out with words or go running from the room. This leaves the room stunned of course, and it is vital each member holds strong to what they’ve declared they’d do if the addict doesn’t commit to a program right away.

For me, I think that’s that hardest part, but I’ve had to reach out to the others for support when the addict has contacted me.

Have you experienced an Intervention as a family member or addict? Feel free to comment anonymously and start the conversation rolling.