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Drug Detox and Alcohol Detox Center, Pat Moore Foundation, Celebrates Recovery for the Holidays

Costa Mesa, CA – January 4, 2009 – Pat Moore Foundation is offering a detox special this season to help alcoholics and drug addicts recover over the holidays.

There are many reasons to celebrate during the holiday season, but recovery from substance abuse is one of the best, especially for the family and friends of a suffering addict. For this reason Pat Moore Foundation is offering a $400.00 daily ‘holiday detox’ special that will help make the season one of hope instead of tragedy for many of those who would otherwise deal with holiday stress by abusing drugs and alcohol.

Unfortunately, the holiday season brings with it many reasons for substance abusers to drink or to use drugs. Whether it is the stress of the season itself or the increase in festivities where drugs and alcohol are involved, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years is the hardest time of year for addicts to remain sober.


Having the option to have a medically supervised detox that is effective and painless can be crucial during this time of year. Choosing the holidays to detox from drugs and alcohol can provide a substance abuser a safe haven from the extra temptations that can be overwhelming during the holiday season.

The outcome of someone who suffers from substance abuse is either one of sobriety, or if they continue to use, jails, mental institutions or even death. The road to recovery is an outcome the Pat Moore Foundation strives to achieve. The holidays can be the perfect time to seek the professional help of a successful treatment facility.