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Dependence Upon Subutex

One of the positives to using Subutex as an opiate dependency medication is that it is inexpensive. Unfortunately due to its addictive nature it has become increasingly more popular on the black market. Addiction to Subutex is on the rise.

When compared to heroin, Subutex is in a less restrictive classification, cost less, and is more accessible. It can be dissolved and taken intravenously, and according the Office of Diversion Control, under the US Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration, the medication can produce significant euphoria, which in turn has become a heroin substitute.

Although Subutex is considered an incredibly helpful medication to help addicts get clean from an opioid addiction, it can also create an addiction it its own right. So, combining Subutex with naloxone in one singular sublingual pill, which is called Suboxone, is how the medication should be taken. In a sense, the naloxone counteracts and makes it impossible to abuse. Especially intravenously.