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Into the Dark of Night | Part 6 – We Will Work Through This

Continued From Part 5More Questions Than I Started With


I wished my curiosity had been satiated, but it hadn’t. At this point there was nothing more I could do for my friend, Nick. He wasn’t opening up to me, so I needed to concentrate on the immediate. I needed to get back to work. This group meeting was going to be a bit smaller than the other meeting I had from 8-9 because, these folks were in different stages of withdrawal, mostly going through our safe Suboxone detox program.

Each person is treated differently here because each person’s addiction is different. When they enter our facility and need to use Suboxone to detox from their opiate addiction, they don’t feel the same withdrawal effects they would if they were just doing it on their own. It’s a gentler way of riding drugs from the system, but sometimes getting into a big group discussion can be a bit overwhelming. There are also other times when counselors will meet one on one with too. Again, each case is different.

I’d tossed my phone into the right side of my cargo pants when I stepped into my meeting. I didn’t feel the phone vibrate this time, so when I exited the meeting I saw Nick had called already. I heard myself say aloud, “What?” Then I looked at the time of the call, realizing the call came just moments after I stepped into the meeting.

“Hey,” Nick’s baritone voice came across the line. “Sorry to call right back, but I don’t want you to worry about me. I am okay. I am with friends and I’m where I’m supposed to be. There are some things that are coming to light in my sobriety, and I’ve got deal with them.” There was a pause, a rather long one, or maybe it just seemed that way. Then he spoke again. “Call me when you can.”

Although, my instincts were to call him right back, I knew I needed to manage my own life here on the west coast. His voice was strong, it appeared he had people around him, and to my relief he was in communications with me. When the time comes we will work through this. Whatever ‘it’ is.


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