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Into the Dark of Night | Part 3 – How Long is Too Long

Continued from Part 2 – A Non-Existent Sober World


It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to blog about my friend, Nick, and the late night caller, Steve. Sometimes it is difficult to write this story when I keep reflecting on Nick and our twenty-five year friendship. I’ll do the best I can to stick to what’s happening with him though. I believe I left off where I was on the phone, listening to Steve update me on Nick’s recent admittance into rehab treatment back in Boston.

About a month ago, I had called Steve because I was concerned over Nick’s erratic behavior during three phones calls that spanned a four week period. Nick and my friendship was one where we would call each other on holidays, family situations, sobriety and work issues, and also on our birthdays. Texting messages to one another just never seemed right for the two of us. We’d both been through so much and that type of communication wasn’t up to snuff.

I called Nick on his 50th birthday. A milestone birthday for sure. Although I wasn’t expecting him to call back right away because he was off with a number of friends to celebrate the day, I still expected him to call back after the weekend, or at least within the week. I let it go for an additional week, but had a sinking feeling that something happened.

The morbid side of myself began checking for accidents and the obituaries. I even began checking Facebook postings. You can find out a lot that way. Nothing. Another week went by and my concern grew, so I called. Voicemail. Although I knew I was being silly, melodramatic I left a message letting him know I was concerned because I hadn’t heard back. Had I waited too long?


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