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Celebrities Journeying the Road To Recovery

Alcohol and drug addiction is rampant in our society and celebrities are not exempt from such. I’m sure you’ve heard about various celebrities caught in the grip of addiction. While some do get free, others continue to struggle. Being in the spotlight does not make it any easier for them. Good news is that there are plenty of former addicts who have kicked the addiction to the curb and have created a life that they love, so if you happen to be struggling, read on for some inspiration and hope.

Chances are you’ve heard some news about celebrities and addiction in the news at one time or another. After all, addiction runs rampant in the general population and celebrities are not exempt from such addictions. In fact, many celebrities admit that they feel they have been more inclined to self-medicate due to the extreme pressure from the entertainment industry at times. When all eyes are on you ready to stalk and criticize you at the drop of a hat, immense pressure to perform and conform can be quite daunting.

Celebrities in Recovery

Drew Barrymore

Take Drew Barrymore for example. She turned to alcohol and drugs when she was quite young. She admits to smoking marijuana at the age of 10 and at 12 she began using cocaine. Her drug abuse landed her in a rehab when she was 13 and then again at age 15. She also tried to commit suicide at age 15. What a young age to be contending with such darkness! Fortunately, Drew made a decision to get clean and worked hard at staying clean. She has been able to be free from such addiction ever since and has created a wonderful acting career and life for herself.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Another celebrity that once struggled with addiction is Robert Downey, Jr, who has been clean now for over a decade, but once struggled greatly with a drug addiction that began at quite a young age as well. Robert’s father was addicted to drugs as well and he was introduced to the drug scene at a very young age. Robert became an actor and managed to get some roles, but his addiction led him to several arrests. His lifestyle got to the point where he began losing acting gigs due to his addiction. He did attend several rehabs and went back out using, but in 2001 he finally got clean and it still clean today. Through persistence and solid recovery efforts, Robert has remained free from drug addiction and has been quite successful in the movie industry.

Rehab Saves Lives

Celebrities that have recovered from alcohol and drug addiction have done so because they got to a point in which they had hit rock bottom and they realized that addiction was doing them no good at all. In fact, it leads some to contemplate or attempt to end their lives. Just as most addicts will reach this point, they made a firm decision to go to rehab and do their best to get and stay off drugs. Granted, some had already been in drug rehab on numerous occasions, but this did not stop them from trying again.

There are a good many recovering addicts that have been to rehab time and time again only to go back out using. Know that it does not matter how many times you’ve been to rehab, there is always room for you to go back and the next time COULD be your last time. Many recovering addicts state that rehab is what saved their lives, so if you are struggling with addiction, give some serious thought to attending an alcohol or drug rehab in order to start your recovery journey.

Know That There is Hope

No matter how long you’ve been an addict, how many times you’ve been to rehab, or what your past has been like, there is always hope for you to get clean and create a life that you love. It will take some work on your part, but it is quite feasible. Take a look at all of the celebrities and other men and women who have gotten free from drugs and be inspired. They might have thought they could never do it, but with persistence, hope, help, treatment and faith, they have done so.

So can you!

Image: Alan Light