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Alternative to Methadone Therapy

Pat Moore Foundation specializes in addiction treatment programs for oxycodone and other opiate addictions, and we’ve been a recovery community since 1985. Knowing first-hand how completely destructive opiates like oxycodone and other prescription drugs can be, we work to provide helpful, insightful information on these drugs, including addiction and abuse. Below you will find an information guide on oxycodone abuse, addiction symptoms, withdrawal symptoms, risks, opiates, methadone detox,Suboxone detox and treatment.  

Alternative to Methadone Therapy

Methadone treatment has been used for decades to treat heroin addiction. Replacing heroin with methadone allows users to detox from heroin without being derailed by severe withdrawal symptoms. There are flaws, however, with methadone therapy including the high risk of methadone addiction and methadone overdose. Buprenorphine has emerged as a viable and preferable alternative to methadone therapy.

The FDA first approved Buprenorphine in 2002 for treatment of opiate addictions. It offers all of the same benefits of methadone withdrawal assistance without the drawbacks. Suboxone (buprenorphine) reduces cravings and eliminates withdrawal symptoms associated with detoxification. Using Suboxone allows patients to detox from heroin, oxycodone, vicodin, methadone and other opiates in peace.

Suboxone is the first drug for opiod dependency that can be dispensed in a private office setting. Methadone is only available from methadone clinics. Because diversion of methadone is so common, most methadone treatment centers require users to visit the clinic once a day for their dose as opposed to receiving a take-home supply. This can severely interrupt the function of a person’s life and restrict travel. With Suboxone, individuals can receive medically managed detoxification assistance without interfering with their work or home life.

Methadone is becoming a nationwide problem. Because it is so similar to heroin, it is also becoming a popular recreational drug. Between 1998 and 2006 methadone prescriptions went up 700 percent. The added supply in the market has made it easier for methadone to be diverted and used illegally. Suboxone does not present such risks because it has a built-in mechanism, naloxone, to deter illicit use. Naloxone triggers withdrawal symptoms when used inappropriately.


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