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Alcoholism: A Family Disease

What used to be one of the most overlooked aspects of alcoholism is the family. Alcoholism is a family disease. Most family members have come to believe they need to take care of the addict so that nothing bad happens to them, or they learn to stay out to the way. A family member really never knows the erratic mood of an addict. One minute the addict could be screaming and angry at everything, including what seems to be the air around them, and the next they could be passive, depressed, and inconsolable.

Another aspect of this family disease is that many children often find it hard to deal with the non-alcoholic parent as well. The other parent has become erratic over time as well, trying desperately to find a way to make their world more balanced; picking up the mess, making excuses, compassionately rescuing, and threatening divorce. Whatever the reaction, the child of an alcoholic feels the brunt from both.

Is Al-Anon the answer for a family like this? Yes!

It’s perfectly natural if you’re a bit nervous about reaching out for help. Ask yourself how will Al-Anon help me? Are you feeling in despair, hopeless, and/or wondering if the situation will ever change? Are you thinking that no matter what you do things will NOT change? People who come to Al-Anon come because they want help. What’s found in Al-Anon is in some ways similar to what’s found in other 12-Step programs; people sharing their experience, strength and hope. You will be amazed with how many other people are going through the exact situation. You will find other parents, children spouses, partners, brothers, sisters, and other family members, employers, employees and co-workers of addicts. These are all people who have been affected by someone else’s drinking.

An important part to note here is that just because you are going to Al-Anon that doesn’t mean the addict in your family will stop using alcohol or other drugs. What it means is that you are discovering a way to find happiness, a better way of life, regardless if the addict is using or not.

If you feel you are in need of a meeting and would like to at least try it out for a bit, click here.

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