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Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings | Ninety Days

Attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are an integral part of any alcoholic’s life when he or she is starting down the road to recovery. In fact, any long-term recovering alcoholic will tell you that Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are still very much a part of his or her life. In most cases, he or she has just come to believe having a steady meeting, or meetings, cements them in sober life.
     Sure, some long-term alcoholics don’t go to as many meetings they did when they were newly sober; like the first ninety days. After a time, once you’ve established your base of new sober friends, as well as friends who can drink in a more normal fashion, you’ll be able to choose two, three, or four Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to attend per week. You’ll know the amount when the time comes though, so don’t worry about any of that while you’re still wobbly and not sure of what to do.
     There are many ‘sayings’ in AA, and in fact you can attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and see posters on walls to remind you of the simple things in life. “Let Go and Let God,” “Easy Does It,” and “Live and Let Live,” just to name a few. One that you won’t find on the wall is “Ninety Meetings in Ninety Days,” and that might be because it is a ‘suggestion only.’ Seems like a lot of meetings, but I think it is just to get you used to attending meetings. The more you are in attendance the more likely you are to hear something worthwhile, and the more likely you are to meet likeminded friends who you can identify with.
     I know one guy who was clearly not having that ‘ninety day thing,’ as he put it. He spouted off that he would just attend meetings when he normally drank. It was his belief that if he went to a meeting instead of the bar he wouldn’t drink. Well, guess what? He found out that he would go for a drink right after work each day, or on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon. After all was said and done, he ended up attending more than “Ninety Meetings in Ninety Days.” He is still sober sixteen years later too!
     The point of my blogging that little story is that he had a strong desire to stay sober, and the beauty of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are that they work if you attend.
     It’s as simple as that.