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Alcohol Detox | Not Having More Than Gravy On Your Mashed Potatoes

Okay, so I need to admit I have a somewhat morbid interest in sordid statistics around certain times of the year. And yes, the Thanksgiving Holiday peaks my passion for the macabre. While doing some research, a particular statistic surprised me regarding alcohol related deaths and holidays throughout the year. These statistics reinforce my belief that people who are addicted or who abuse alcohol and are considering getting help should enter an alcohol detox over the holidays.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has been tracking statistics for more than twenty-five years; mainly focusing on the number of deaths on the roads as well as the amount of deaths that are alcohol related. Topping the list with the amount of road fatalities is Thanksgiving, then Labor Day (that is a surprise), then Memorial Day (another surprise), Christmas, New Years, and finally the Fourth of July. The numbers that really surprised me though were how that list pans out regarding the number of alcohol related fatalities. Here there are in order: Fourth of July, 44%; Labor Day, 40%; New Years, 40%; Memorial Day, 38%; Christmas, 36%; and Thanksgiving, 35%. If one were to break the numbers down further they would find that 38% of all on road fatalities are alcohol related, but they would also discover that 52% of these same fatalities happen during the holiday periods of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Although the thought of entering an alcohol detox and rehab for the holidays may seem like a lonely way to spend them, which it is not, I think that seeking help now for addiction is better than taking your chances at killing someone on the roads. And who knows, with the help of an alcohol detox and rehab you could be sober the next time these three holidays appear on the calendar. So then, instead of mixing up the drinks you could instead be enjoying your family and the gravy on your mashed potatoes.