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Alcohol Can Change Your Physical Appearance

 Do you ever stop and think about how drinking alcohol affects your body? Sure, you might have heard how it is bad for the liver or heart, but what about your physical appearance? Do heavy or binge drinkers have changes that occur to their appearance? Bet and believe they do. Curious as to the details? Read on for the scoop.

Drinking sure may sound like fun for many people, but it is not so appealing when you find out how it can change your physical appearance over time. In fact, the more you learn about the damaging effects of alcohol, the less favorable it will appear in any regards.

How does alcohol affect your physical appearance?

Can alcohol change your physical appearance?

At the very least, drinking alcohol can cause you to gain weight. Yes, it is quite fattening! Did you know that a pint of beer at 5% alcohol content equals the calories of a burger? Surely those beers and drinks add up, causing you to go over your daily caloric intake, which can bring on the pounds. If you want to learn more about how many calories are in your alcohol drinks, check out Drinkaware.

How alcohol affects the skin

Alcohol is a substance that will dehydrate your body, so when you drink, the largest organ of your body- the skin- gets dehydrated and causes you to lose nutrients and vitamins that help your skin to be healthy. In addition, if you drink a lot and have skin conditions such as Rosacea or Psoriasis, they can become worse and you’ll have red blotches all over your face. It can also cause your blood vessels in your face to dilate, which can cause red, spidery veins to show. Lastly, in some cases where alcohol is heavily abused, the face can become a bit disfigured.

The dreaded belly bloat

No one likes to deal with a bloated belly, but drinking can certainly cause such. It can also cause your face to look a bit bloated as well. Understand that alcohol has toxins in it and the buildup of toxins can certainly result in bloating.

Speeds up the aging process

Drinking can absolutely speed up your aging process and make you look 10 plus years older than you really are.

A face that speaks

If you’re drinking a lot or if you are an alcoholic, it will show up in your face with looks of anxiety, fatigue, and sadness. A hangover in and of itself can cause a normally happy-go-lucky person into a sad and miserable person and it will be written all over his face. Contrary to what many people think, drinking does not “make you happy”, but it actually is a depressant and brings a cloud of sadness over many lives.

Fingernails and hair

Drinkers will tend to have dry and brittle nails and hair due to the dehydration going on in the body. Without adequate hydration, the entire body is affected.

Get Help Now!

Whether you are drinking here and there, binge drinking, or drinking most of the time, it can certainly change your physical appearance. Not only can your “outside” have tell-tale signs of drinking, but your “inside” will be affected as well, as alcohol has many toxic ingredients that are harmful to your organs. Do yourself a favor and limit your consumption of alcohol to a rare occasion. If you are struggling with a dependence upon alcohol, reach out for help, as there are professionals equipped to help you stop drinking and begin living the kind of life you really want to live. The first step may be difficult, but it is completely worth it, so reach out for help today. 

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