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A.A. Literature, Page One


A.A. Literature, Page 1

Pat Moore Foundation offers residents access to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and 12-Step Programs. Following is additional information on these programs, courtesy of Alcoholics Anonymous. For more detailed information please contact Alcoholics Anonymous directly.

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A substantial body of literature describing and interpreting the A.A. program has developed. This material may be classified under three headings:

1. A.A. Literature Reflecting Worldwide Experience.

Material in this classification, prepared at the General Service Office under the supervision of representative committees, carry the words “This is A.A./General Service Conference approved literature.”

2. A.A. Literature Prepared by Local Groups or Regional Committees.

A number of local groups have produced pamphlets, books, and other material which, although excellent in many respects, are not considered representative of A.A. as a whole.

3. Non A.A. Literature About A.A.

Material in this category includes articles in mass circulation media and technical journals and books in which the recovery program is described by non-A.A.s.

A.A. literature available from the General Service Office includes the following:


Alcoholics Anonymous (575 pages)
Originally published in 1939, this is the “book of experience” from which the Fellowship derived its name. It contains an analysis of the principles which led to the sobriety of the earliest members, together with a representative cross section of members’ personal stories. The Second Edition (1955) added new personalexperience material, but retained the opening, explanatory chapters, unchanged. The same course was followed for the Third Edition (1976) and the Fourth Edition (2001).

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (192 pages)
Published in 1953, this book contains a A.A. Literature detailed interpretation of principles of personal recovery and group survival by Bill W., cofounder of the Fellowship.

Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age (333 pages)
Written by Bill W. and published in 1957, this is the first booklength account of the birth, development, and expansion of A.A. during its first two decades.

As Bill Sees It (333 pages)
A reader comprising selections from the writings of Bill W.

Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers (373 pages)
Published in 1980, this biography of A.A.’s cofounder also includes pioneer members’ recollections of early A.A. in the Midwest.

“Pass It On” The Story of Bill Wilson and How The A.A. Message Reached the World (429 pages)
Biography of A.A. cofounder, published in 1984.

Daily Reflections: A Book of Reflections By A.A. Members For A.A. Members (382 pages)

Experience, Strength and Hope (435 pages)
Stories from the first three editions of Alcoholics Anonymous.


  • The A.A. Grapevine (monthly)
  • La Vina (bimonthly, Spanish edition) A pocketsize international journal of information, interpretation, and inspiration, written almost entirely by A.A. members.

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The above information is from “A.A. Fact File”, prepared by General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous. This information is also available on G.S.O.’s A.A. Website:

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