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What is Guest Blogging?

For some time now we’ve enjoyed reading posts from some very brave Addiction bloggers out there in the online blogosphere. Some of the journal entries we have come across detail the struggles addicts (and their loved ones) come across so clearly that the sharers have created online pseudonyms to keep their identity anonymous. This got us thinking about sharing some of the addiction blogs we are partial to; for your journey to Sobriety. It doesn’t really matter where you are in that journey or if you’re just here to support someone else on their journey.

The Financial Cost of Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

Addiction is expensive. Yes, it costs a lot to pay for divorce, treatment, and medical bills from overdose or addiction-related illness. It takes an emotional toll on friends, family, loved ones. But what about the actual cost to just get bottles, pills, lines, and bags? In so many ways, addiction ain’t cheap.

What to Expect at Your First 12-Step Meeting

Attending a 12 Step meeting for the first time can produce some anxiety and reservations. That is completely normal. If you ask recovering alcoholics if they were nervous at their first meeting, they would answer a resounding “YES”, but they would also say that they were so happy that they attended and stuck with the program because it works. If you’re thinking about attending a 12 Step meeting, kudos to you. Go ahead and do it. If you are anxious, know that it’s alright and you can still attend despite the anxiety.

Heavy Drinking vs. Alcoholism

Sometimes the line is thin between heavy drinking and alcoholism. Many of the same challenges impact heavy drinkers and alcoholics: legal woes, relationship and family problems, interference with work and personal obligations. Learn the facts to help determine the difference between heavy drinking and alcoholism in yourself or a loved one.

Celebrities & Addiction: Addiction Knows No Boundaries

The disease of addiction knows no boundaries when it comes to who it affects. Addiction can plague the lives of just about anyone regardless of age, race, sex, financial status, career, and so on. Take celebrities for example. Various celebrities, despite their fortune and fame, have succumbed to the disease of addiction and unfortunately, some have lost their lives. Today we will take a look and honor five such celebrities that lost their lives due to such.

Having Fun While Sober

Does the idea of having fun sober seem overwhelming? For people who used to drink on every occasion, enjoying events without a drink is a new territory. It's not unusual to worry that your social life is over when you get sober.

The reality of it is, once you stop drinking or using drugs, you make clear choices about what you do and do not like to do. The company you keep will chang dramatically when you're not only spending time with people based on how much they do (or do not) drink -- and that's a good thing!

How You Can Disarm Thoughts of Drinking Again

Chances are, if you are a recovering alcoholic, you occasionally get thoughts of drinking again. You might wonder if by chance you could be a social drinker or you may even just be going through a tough time and feel compelled to try to take the edge off with a drink or two. Don’t do it! You’ve come too far to let the cunning disease of alcoholism steal your sobriety, peace, and joy. To help you continue on your marvelous road of recovery, here are some helpful tips on how you can disarm thoughts of picking up another drink.


Are You Enabling an Addict or Alcoholic?

If you love someone who abuses drugs or alcohol, you know that the addiction impacts everyone in that person’s life. The ripple effect of having a child, spouse, parent, or loved one in the throes of addiction can cause chaos, confusion, and hurt. You want more than anything to help that person, but you may just be adding to the problem. Read on to make sure that the kind of help you are providing isn’t really causing more suffering.

Drinking Around Someone in Recovery

You are having a great time at the party gulping down tasty mixed drinks and suddenly an old friend of yours who has quit drinking appears in sight! What should you do now? Should you hide away your pleasure of drinking your cocktail so that they aren’t tempted or should you continue to behave as if they never drank and were a teetotaler by birth? What about if you are having a family get together and someone from your family is in recovery? Do you refrain from drinking and tell the other guests to do the same?

How Drugs Impact Your Local Economy

Drug and alcohol use is widespread in the United States. But when it comes to addiction, who suffers? We know the person battling addiction faces many hardships, as do their friends, family, coworkers and peers. But the affects of drug abuse extend to the local and national economy as well.