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What is Guest Blogging?

For some time now we’ve enjoyed reading posts from some very brave Addiction bloggers out there in the online blogosphere. Some of the journal entries we have come across detail the struggles addicts (and their loved ones) come across so clearly that the sharers have created online pseudonyms to keep their identity anonymous. This got us thinking about sharing some of the addiction blogs we are partial to; for your journey to Sobriety. It doesn’t really matter where you are in that journey or if you’re just here to support someone else on their journey.

The Addictive Nature of Heroin

 Heroin use is on the rise. This highly addictive narcotic has become more widely available, is cheaper than ever, and is purer in form. There are two main reasons for these changes: the federal crackdown on prescription pill abuse, and the correlating influx of heroin into the black market by drug cartels. 

Admitting to Alcoholism & Finding Help

 Admitting we are powerless over alcohol is a hard, often painful step to take. Many of us have fought long and hard to keep drinking in spite of all the problems it causes within our homes, jobs, families, and relationships. 

Why do Relapses Occur?

 A relapse can occur for any number of reasons: pain pills after an accident, a death of a loved one, a job loss, a promotion, a hard time, a good time, a marriage, a divorce… most anything can push alcoholics and addicts back into their disease if they are not working hard to stay sober. 

How Do Changes in the Affordable Care Act Help Addicts?

 Does the recent establishment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) help addicts in any way? With all the buzz surrounding the Act, the majority of addicts and many healthcare officials are talking about the benefits concerning addiction treatment.

Everything You Need To Know About Marijuana Legalization

Pot, weed, dope… whatever you call it, the conversation around marijuana is on a national scale these days. 

What are the Long Term Effects of Alcohol?

Most of us know about the short-term effects of alcohol on the body, but what we might not be aware of are the long term affects. Over years, alcohol can wreak havoc on the body and can affect mental health as well.  Physicians urge patients to give up alcohol entirely or at the very least drink only on rare occasions.

Short term effects

Part 3 of Heroin Addiction & Use: Heroin Addiction Recovery is Possible

 Originally created for use as a painkiller in the late 1800s, heroin’s unchecked use by physicians led to widespread addiction en masse. This coupled with the rampant abuse of the drug by the veterans of the Vietnam War has led to a nationwide epidemic in the United States.


Celebrity Addiction and Recovery

 With the recent passing of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, celebrity addiction is headline news again. The actor’s overdose on heroin after over 20 years of sobriety brought the focus back to fact that drugs and alcohol don’t discriminate when it comes to ruining lives. Stars from every genre have been afflicted by addiction, and unfortunately our fascination with the trials of hitting bottom and gaining recovery mean they often sort through difficulties in the public eye.

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