Extracurricular Activities


Coastal Activities

Spiritual healing is a part of the recovery process that is often ignored, but not at Pat Moore Foundation. Here, we know that detox and counseling are not enough to sustain long-term abstinence. There also has to be a strong, foundational set of skills based in mindfulness and practical sober living solutions to create the best chance for a long, happy recovery. Not only do we offer proven treatment programs and detoxification services, our treatments also incorporate a range of activities, outings, and opportunities to help individuals grow and explore their new healthy and sober life. Keep reading to learn about all the extracurricular activities we offer at Pat Moore Foundation.




Get Active

Getting active and staying active is a great step to take on the path to building a healthy life—and at Pat Moore Foundation, we have got you covered, with options for everyone at every fitness level. From serene walks on Back Bay’s gently sloping trails to a game of basketball on our campus courts, you’re bound to feel revived. Other activities include:


  • Kayaking in the bay

  • Walking along Back Bay trails

  • Beach volleyball

  • Bi-weekly visits to a local gym

  • and more!


Go Explore

At Pat Moore Foundation, we fully take advantage of our beautiful Southern California location. Our proximity to bustling Newport Beach and Huntington Beach means there’s always something going on outside, and our supervised outings allow residents plenty of time to explore. Some of our outings include the opportunity to:


  • Ride the ferry and exploring Balboa Island

  • Visit Newport Pier

  • Visit Balboa Pier

  • Go on whale watching excursions

  • Appreciate the local wildlife and vegetation of the Back Bay


One of the most difficult parts of recovery is learning how to navigate the complicated process of building new, sober relationships. Many addicts are in the habit of using substances as social lubricants; without that crutch, building relationships can seem overwhelming, if not impossible. At Pat Moore Foundation, we create opportunities for each individual to have fellowship with other residents in order to foster healing and understanding, and to create a solid foundation of interpersonal knowledge that will help each individual continue into sobriety with confidence. Some opportunities for fellowship include:

  • Weekly 12-step meetings at the beach

  • Brunch at Newport Country Club

  • Equine therapy (horseback riding)

  • Monthly fireside meeting and barbeque on the sand—bring your bathing suit!



Solitary reflection is an indispensable part of healing and building a healthy, solid foundation in your recovery—and what better place to reflect than in a picturesque, wooded cabin? Pat Moore Foundation hosts monthly retreats to the serene San Bernardino Mountains. The Friday morning to Sunday evening retreats include:

  • A stay in a large cabin, surrounded by pine trees and wildlife

  • Fireside meetings

  • A guided tour by a forestry expert to learn about the forest and local wildlife

  • Entertainment options, such as horseshoes, TV, and more

  • Prepared meals

  • Time for solitary reflection