Obscure Thoughts of Suicide are Still Thoughts of Suicide

When I was a kid, I had parents that were everything but “normal.” One, they were young hippies, 18 and 20 respectively; Two, it was the ‘70s; Three, my parents were divorced, something that wasn’t nearly as common then as it is now. I often found myself standing outside of the primary social circles at school, amongst my neighbors, and within the confines of my familial structure. Yes, even in my own family, I felt like an outsider.

Teen Suicide: Being Driven to Your Knees

If I were to sit here and tell you that teen suicide was not something I thought about when I was younger, I’d be lying to you. I don’t talk often about those days because I feel so far removed from that sad, dark teenager. The memories, although long ago, are still somewhat clear in my mind. Back then I thought I was alone; that I was the sole punching bag of the world around me. What I didn’t get was that many teens and younger who were living a life similar to my own.

Warning Sign: Darkness That Is Suicide

Although it’s no surprise, I have to say the older I get the more I experience in life. I’ve had some dark days in the past, some so dark I could barely get through the minute. There periods in my active addiction when the light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t visible, and I felt the darkness creeping towards me. Sometimes, I don’t know how I made it through that time, as my world felt as if it were falling apart. Most obviously those feeling were heightened even more to due to my alcohol and drug consumption.

My Experience with Losing Loved Ones to Suicide

Suicide is a topic most people are uncomfortable with. When someone takes their own life, for whatever reason, it brings up very exclusive emotions that aren’t present for other types of death. Accidents, illness, old age - even murder, usually bring people together to comfort each other and grieve. But suicide seems to put a hush over everything. I’m not saying people are less sympathetic, but for many of us - a lot of other emotions are present. We see it as a different type of loss, we may not know how to grieve.

Suicide Prevention | Do's and Don'ts When Talking with a Suicidal Person

Just over a month ago, September 4-10, 2011 to be exact, we experienced Suicide Prevention Week. The week surrounds Suicide Prevention Day, which September 10, 2011. The week primarily consists of sharing important information, training first responders, and engaging the family members, and professionals on how to have discussion about suicide and suicide prevention.

The Veil of Suicide

There is a darkness that permeates many addicts long before they smoke their first joint, snort their first line, drink their first drink, or even swallow their first pill. For many of us this darkness has gestated in us, growing slowly while being abused by a parent, neglected by another, sexually molested by an aunt, uncle or neighbor, or for many there was another catastrophic event that eventual removed or even tore away the innocent veil of our childhood.


Did you know the 10th leading cause of death in the United States is suicide? There are more than 36,000 people who take their lives every year, and suicide rarely stops with the victim. The ramifications of suicide are far-reaching, often leaving an aftermath of bewilderment, devastation and sadness.

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