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Ways to Stick to Your Goals and Stay Sober in 2014

 2014 is here! It’s a brand new year full of amazing potential. Many people make New Year’s Resolutions, which is a fantastic idea to kick off a new year. The problem is that most people forget about their resolutions within a few weeks of making them. It might be more advantageous to have a “goals list” all year round and not necessarily focus it around the New Year. Making your focus on achieving your goals a lifestyle will certainly do you good!

Let Recovery Help You Create a Life You Love

 I remember when I used to look at other people who seemed to have their lives together and actually seemed happy. I would observe them closely because there was a part of me that thought for sure they were faking their happiness. Nobody could really be super happy, right? I certainly wasn’t and I felt like I tried and tried to be.

The Importance of AA Sponsorship

What is an AA Sponsor?

An AA sponsor is someone who has been clean and sober for a long period of time, which typically means they are prepared to support someone who is new to sobriety, or someone else who struggles with it. An integral component of Alcoholics Anonymous is sponsorship, as it helps develop a social support network for both the sponsor and the sponsee. Living up to social responsibilities, i.e.: helping others is important for long term sobriety.

Some Sponsorship Rules

Sponsee Rewards

I picked up a sponsee yesterday, and I need to be honest here, it’s a part of the program I don’t care for that much. Well, at least at first. Since I began attending AA many years ago, it’s been one of the pieces I understand so little. No, it’s not that I don’t get the idea of it, and it’s one of the best ways to give back to a program that’s been there for me. It’s just that it makes me uneasy that anyone would see me as an example of sobriety.

Time Flies: Learn to be Present for Yourself and Those You Love

It’s amazing to me how time truly flies. I remember back when I was just a kid. My grandmother used to tell me to enjoy childhood and the time I have because it seemed the older she got the quicker time moved forward. Of course, I didn’t get it until now. She was about the same age I am now when she offered those words of advice. I think I followed them, but just stumbled along the way, at times being lost in my addiction, especially when she passed on from this earth.

A Sober Living World - One of Four Principles to Recovery

I went to a meeting last night. I’ll be 100% honest. It had been just over a week, maybe even two. It was a smaller sized meeting, which I like the most because it typically means I will eventually have to share. It’s not so easy to hide when there are only 10 people in the room. The speaker was someone I hadn’t seen before, and he was celebrating one year; a huge milestone. He was grinning from ear to ear, and I could tell he was a bit nervous, as I was when I hit the first year.

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