Rehab Treatment

Rehab Treatment

Staying Connected and Breaking the Ice

If you’ve been reading my blog, and I certainly hope someone is, then it might seem I’m pretty up to my neck in the sober community. When I first got sober, going through rehab treatment, my declaration of NOT allowing this ‘sober stuff’ to take over my life seemed to almost come before my sobriety. Thankfully it didn’t. I had a great affection for my friends who I ‘partied’ with, and I couldn’t let that go. Not for anything.

Rehab Treatment and The Pathway to Unity

On Monday, October 11, 2010 we get the opportunity to celebrate Columbus Day. A number of businesses take the day off, some people feel it is the last big weekend before the shorter days of winter overtake us, and yet there are some who choose to celebrate this weekend by heading off to an AA Roundup, Convention or even taking in an extra meeting.

Rehab Treatment | Finding the Other Person - Part 3

As I worked through my three month stay in rehab treatment, I found I was connecting with others, but still holding back some. I had major trust issues with opening up to a group of strangers. I could do it on an individual basis, but on a group level, well, that would take some time. This behavior, this lack of trust was nothing new to the counselor though and she understood, calling me out on it whenever she got the chance.

Rehab Treatment | Finding the Other Person - Part 1

When I was first coming into sobriety, I didn't know what to expect. Coming from a family with recovering alcoholics, I had an idea though. Back then though, and at least in my family, none of them went to an alcohol rehab treatment facility, so it was all different when it came to working through my own demons and making the decision to get help through an alcohol and drug rehab treatment program.

Rehab Treatment | Robbie Williams Taking Care

In the current issue of GQ, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, a magazine I started reading when I was 15 and still currently enjoy, I came upon an interview of Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams is an award-winning, English singer-songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist who’s career began at the ripe old age of 16 for the pop band ‘Take That.’ That was in 1990, and in 1995 he launched his solo-career. He has sold more albums in the UK than any other solo artist in history and more BRIT Awards than any other to date as well.

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