Methadone Detox

Methadone Detox

Methadone Detox | What To Think About

Available in 5 mg, 10 mg, and 40 mg tablets and as an oral solution, Methadone is commonly used to treat addiction to opiates (such as heroin). During a Methadone Detox a patient takes the medication once a day, so that it eases opiate withdrawal for 24 to 36 hours, decreasing the chance of a drug relapse. Dosages should be adjusted with caution because Methadone is a long-acting medicine.

Methadone Detox | Becoming Addicted to Methadone

One of the most commonly prescribed medications for heroin addicts is Methadone, and it is also commonly prescribed for those addicted to other opiates. If an addict is working to get clean and sober it is not advised to use Methadone without the use of counseling and a 12step program. Methadone detox is used as part of a drug therapy program. A Methadone detox will lessen the withdrawal symptoms an addict experiences when he stops taking his drug.

Medical Detox | Gratitude of the Day

There are a lot of wonderful parts for being sober. It’s not just a one dimensional view of the world like some would want you to believe. I don’t like saying that one part is better than the other, at least in my experience of 18 years, I still find tons of ‘parts’ to be grateful for daily. Although I never experienced a methadone detox, and for that I count my lucky stars, my path to sobriety, my denial was strong, but my surrender was sweet.

Methadone Detox: Painkillers and Addiction

At the top of the list of reasons people go to the hospital and doctor is for pain relief. On the market today there are many different drugs that ease pain; the most popular are opioids and narcotics. They are manufactured from opium, which comes from the poppy plant. A natural product of opium is morphine, and from morphine, methadone is produced. Since the 1960’s, people addicted to heroin have experienced the use of methadone during a methadone detox.

Craig Ferguson Video – Striving for Raw Honesty

A sudden bout of insomnia a few years back, maybe a lot more, had me waking up around midnight for more than a week. You should probably know that after I’ve done some reading, said my thanks to my higher power, and shut the light out it’s not quite ten in the evening. So, waking up two hours later and finding myself awake for until three is a bit daunting. These times usually occur when I have some stressful work or personal situation to labor through. I’ve gotten into the habit now of writing the problems and solutions out in bullet format. Works wonders.

When You Have Had Enough, a Suboxone Detox is the Answer

After continued daily use of opioid medications, the user will become dependent upon such medication, their body will need more to feel the same elation. Eventually the cravings increase and the user’s body demands more, leading to withdrawals. In order to prevent these withdrawals a user will seek opioid constantly. For many the only success to kick opioid dependence is a Suboxone detox.

Traveling with a Methadone Treatment Regimen During the Holidays

Traveling during the holidays can be a stressful time, but also filled with the wonderful anticipation of seeing family and friends at familiar or other exciting locales. Of course it is important to pack and plan accordingly whether staying in the United States or abroad, and for those individuals who are sober for any length of time need to plan just a bit more than others. Especially if that recovering addict is on a methadone treatment regimen, and below are some frequently asked questions.

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