Drug Treatment Center

Drug Treatment Center

Drug Treatment Center | Did it My Way

When entering a drug treatment center there are always some concerns. For me, it was how I felt about them taking away from freedom, or what I thought freedom was. Are they going to tell me what to do all the time and take away my social life? Although I did an outpatient drug treatment center program, I was concerned they were going to restructure my life into something I wouldn't recognize.

Drug Treatment Center | Length of Treatment

There isn't a set standard of days, weeks, or months in a drug treatment center that will surely work. A decent drug treatment center understands that individuals progress through treatment based on their past experiences. What has been proven, according to the National Institute on drug Abuse is that the longer the stay the better the outcome for the addict.

Drug Treatment Center | What types of Approaches

There are numerous drug treatment approaches , so finding a drug treatment center that fits your recovery needs is important to long-term sobriety. A drug treatment center can include behavioral therapy like, group or individual counseling, cognitive therapy, or even contingency management, which is basically rewarding or reinforcing the behavior sought.

Drug Treatment Center | An Perception Adjustment

Pointing out when a friend needs the help of a drug treatment center is difficult. It seems the words 'drug treatment center' can be considered dark and ominous. I suppose they can be. If someone wants to think about all a center might 'take away' from them, but they aren't dark at all. In fact, they can be three words that will shine a beacon of light in their direction.

Early Relapse: Orange County Drug Rehab Lesson

When I began my rehab work a number of years ago, well before the other work I do here at our Orange County drug rehab, I paid close attention to what my warning signs would be that might lead to an early relapse. As I did, I watched a number of people in my therapy group use and then come back. Each having their own reason for relapse. The most prevalent feeling I had was that I was missing out on something.

Drug Treatment | Going Home Again

This past Halloween, I headed back east to see some friends and family. Although my main purpose was to see family, I decided to visit a drug treatment facility I worked at years ago in Somerville, Massachusetts, and with Salem within thirty minutes from where I was staying, I had to attend their Halloween event, which is called Salem’s Haunted Happenings. And, since I’d lived in the area for many years, it was always one of those, “I can do this next year,” and then never got around to it. So, I was determined to do it this year.

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