Drug Treatment Center

Drug Treatment Center

Prescription Pill Abuse At an All-Time High

It’s not just illegal drugs that bound people up in an emotional and physical prison, but prescription drug abuse has taken America by storm. Everything from anti-anxiety to pain pills have hit homes, school, and the streets in abundance. The effects are much the same as anyone on illegal drugs like heroin, crack, etc. Some lose their jobs, relationships, their children, their dignity, and their mind. It is a big deal and it is time to get honest about the topic and encourage those who are addicted to reach out for help.

What is Guest Blogging?

For some time now we’ve enjoyed reading posts from some very brave Addiction bloggers out there in the online blogosphere. Some of the journal entries we have come across detail the struggles addicts (and their loved ones) come across so clearly that the sharers have created online pseudonyms to keep their identity anonymous. This got us thinking about sharing some of the addiction blogs we are partial to; for your journey to Sobriety. It doesn’t really matter where you are in that journey or if you’re just here to support someone else on their journey.

Prom Night: More than Just a Prom Dress

Spring is upon us and for some teenagers it's time to consider going to prom, and for parents this can be stressful on both the pocketbook/wallet as well as something more emotional. In many cases, our daughters or sons are reaching a rite of passage, signaling their imminent departure from high school, entry into college, the armed forces or something else. And for some parents a drug treatment center might be in their child's future.

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