Drug Abuse Treatment

Drug Abuse Treatment

Drug Treatment | Going Home Again

This past Halloween, I headed back east to see some friends and family. Although my main purpose was to see family, I decided to visit a drug treatment facility I worked at years ago in Somerville, Massachusetts, and with Salem within thirty minutes from where I was staying, I had to attend their Halloween event, which is called Salem’s Haunted Happenings. And, since I’d lived in the area for many years, it was always one of those, “I can do this next year,” and then never got around to it. So, I was determined to do it this year.

Drug Treatment | Open and Honest

My mobile phone rang while I was at work today. I couldn’t pick it up because I can’t answer personal calls while dealing with patients. I didn’t recognize the number but I knew who it probably was.
Two nights ago, a friend of mine, Shawn, who now lives in Seattle, called to ask if it was okay to give a friend his, Ken, my telephone number. It seems Ken is in need of some assistance. Shawn didn’t give me any particulars but since I work in the alcohol and drug treatment field, he thought I might be able to help.

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