Drug Abuse Treatment

Drug Abuse Treatment

Drug Abuse Signs, Symptoms, and Addiction Questions

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse That Are Common

I’ve been focusing a lot lately on the difference between abuse and addiction when it comes to alcohol and drugs, and it’s pretty clear that specific drugs offer different physical effects when taken, but when it comes to symptoms of addiction there are a lot of similarities. I think today, however, I am going to focus primarily on the signs and symptoms of drug abuse. Take a look below to see if you see yourself described in the following signs and symptoms of drug abuse.

Zohydro: A “Super” Painkiller

You might not have heard this news, but it caught my interest as soon as I heard the news-story. Of course I work in the field of addiction and recovery, so I’ve probably trained myself to notice medical news that might affect our clients here at Pat Moore Foundation. Another group who might be tuning into the news release of Zohydro, a 12-hour pain relief medication, is exactly the group we try to help.

Drug Abuse Treatment | Area 82 Round Up

If you're looking for another great AA Roundup & Conference meeting, and you want to go somewhere beautiful, refreshing, and quite picturesque, then you should check out the AREA 82 ROUND UP. The destination is far away from many of the day to day activities. It might even seem you'll be traveling to the end of the world -- especially if you live in a big city.

Halifax, Nova Scotia has a raw beauty that everyone should experience at least once in their life time.

Into the Dark of Night | Part 7 - This Isn't My Path

Continued from Part 6 - We Will Work Through This


Nick's voicemail was upbeat, seemed positive. I felt I could go on with my day and give him a call later in the afternoon, maybe even on the drive home from work. I have a Bluetooth type product that's hooked into the stereo of my car; hands-free and pretty much like I'm talking to someone else in the car.

Prescription drug detox | Dangers Of Robo-tripping

When I first heard the term 'robo-tripping' over ten years ago, I thought it might be some sort of reinvention of The Robot dance moves that came into popularity when The Jackson 5 performed it in early 70's with their song "Dancing Machine." But, considering I was working in drug prevention for at-risk youth in Boston, I knew it had something to do with some type of drug.

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