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Drug Abuse Treatment

Drug Abuse Treatment

Heroin Addiction: Then and Now

 With the recent death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman due to heroin overdose, the nation has a spotlight on the problem of heroin addiction and authorities are doing their best to crack down on those found selling and using the drug. The death of Hoffman has many people talking about the current trend for heroin making a strong comeback due to addicts replacing their pain pill addictions with the less expensive and more accessible heroin.

What is Vicodin and How Do You Treat Addiction?

Vicodin is a prescription drug that combines the pain reliever acetaminophen with the narcotic hydrocodone and is used primarily for moderate to severe pain.

What Are Barbiturates and Why Are They So Addicting?

 Barbiturates are drugs that come from barbituric acid and cause sedation effects on the central nervous system by increasing a neurotransmitter in the brain called GABA. The medical community often times uses barbituates for sedation and anesthesia.

Finding Your Voice in Recovery

 Many times newcomers in recovery programs come in and resist getting involved, or even getting close to other people.  They’ve been hurt. They’re in pain. They are just trying to make sense of their new life without alcohol or drugs. We’ve all been there.  At one time or another we might have thought we knew it all, but when our security (the substance) is gone, many of us lose our confidence and our voice.

Detox Vs. Long-Term Treatment: Pros and Cons

While overcoming any addiction, there are two stages you must go through - detoxing and long-term treatment. For many users the process is different depending on the drug itself.

Is Opana Abuse Taking Over Oxycontin Abuse?

 A headline from the USA Today from July 2012 reads “Opana abuse in USA overtakes OXYContin

Drug Overdose: Exams, Tests, and Treatments

In the third part of our Drug Overdose Blog Series we will discuss Exams, Tests and then Drug Overdose Treatments. If you’ve suspected someone of overdosing, or you think you might have, and you have sought medical attention then a history and physical examination will take place in the hospital emergency room. A batter of laboratory test will be taken, and in some cases, depending on how severe and the type of overdose, the stomach might be pumped.

Drug Abuse Signs, Symptoms, and Addiction Questions

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse That Are Common

I’ve been focusing a lot lately on the difference between abuse and addiction when it comes to alcohol and drugs, and it’s pretty clear that specific drugs offer different physical effects when taken, but when it comes to symptoms of addiction there are a lot of similarities. I think today, however, I am going to focus primarily on the signs and symptoms of drug abuse. Take a look below to see if you see yourself described in the following signs and symptoms of drug abuse.

The Facts About Rx Painkillers: An Emerging Trend of Abuse

This post was provided by Hickory Wind Ranch, who Texas sober living for residents of Austin, Houston, Dallas, and more.

“Behavioral Addiction - Not Otherwise Specified”

I recently read an article, “Addiction Diagnoses May Rise Under Guideline Changes” in the New York Times, and I’d like to share my thoughts here on Pat Moore Foundation’s blog. Having worked in, been around, and walked the walk of addiction recovery, I think the changing of the guidelines is perfectly reasonable.

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