Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

AA Convention | Alkai Lake AA Roundup

Williams Lake offers a myriad of activities and outdoor adventures, but most importantly for us in addiction recovery and looking for a beautiful location to attend an AA Roundup, Williams Lake in British Columbia, Canada is one of the more fantastic locations if you like the great outdoors.

Here are the details.


WHAT: Meeting, Guest Speakers, outdoor dance, great food and a lot of fun, fun, fun.

WHERE: Alkali Lake (Williams Lake), British Columbia, Canada

Anger to Resentment to Relapse

There is a lot of truth behind anger leading to resentment and resentment leading to relapse. For a lot of us, we hold anger in because we don’t know how to cope with it. We are sometimes taught at a younger age that anger is a bad emotion. It’s a perfectly normal, natural emotion. However, it’s what you do with your anger that matters. It’s truly what makes the difference.

What is Guest Blogging?

For some time now we’ve enjoyed reading posts from some very brave Addiction bloggers out there in the online blogosphere. Some of the journal entries we have come across detail the struggles addicts (and their loved ones) come across so clearly that the sharers have created online pseudonyms to keep their identity anonymous. This got us thinking about sharing some of the addiction blogs we are partial to; for your journey to Sobriety. It doesn’t really matter where you are in that journey or if you’re just here to support someone else on their journey.


This came to us at Pat Moore Foundation. We are so touched, that we needed to place it in our blog postings. Of course we will tweet it and even post it on our Facebook profile. There are times when taking a break from blogging about a prescription drug detox, a medical detox, and even a Suboxone drug detox is okay by us.

A big shout out to our own Katy Alexander and her aunt Barbara M for allowing us to post this!


Hotel California | Drug Abuse Treatment Facility or Something Else?

Once again, I've been researching music, listening to what's out there regarding alcohol and drug use, abuse, addiction, as well as warnings and drug abuse treatment. The last part there is a bit tougher, but I think I may have found one: "Hotel California" by The Eagles. I remember this song when I was a kid. I would sing the lyrics, always wondering what the heck the words meant. I was pretty sure I was missing something or at least getting the words wrong. I wasn't.

Toy Soldiers

I was on my way to work this morning, and listening to an 80's music station. The announcer, I don't recall the name and it's not really important, stated that the upcoming song is about alcohol and drug addiction. Typically, since I work for an alcohol and drug treatment facility, my attention focused on the radio's digital read out on the dashboard. The upcoming song is something by Makita, and is called Toy Soldiers. I remember the song, but never really listened to the words.

Hitting Eighteen: What That's Like

When I hit my 18th anniversary last week, I can honestly say I felt a bit different than I had in the previous years since I'd gone to an alcohol and drug treatment facility. I was the same person, still a bit shy about my anniversary, but I felt a bit more confident in my abilities to stay sober. Yes, I often think about the fact I might pick up one day, but I don't obsess about alcohol and drugs as much -- not nearly as much.

Males v.s. Female Alcohol and Drug Treatment Admissions Difference

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) conducts a report of characteristics of admissions and discharges from alcohol and drug treatment facilities in their Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) survey. This part of the study concerns the difference in substance abuse treatment admissions between Mexican-American males and females.

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